Domino’s Slack app gives new meaning to ‘Cut me some Slack’

Domino’s Slack app gives new meaning to ‘Cut me some Slack’


Between the chat over a deadline and the banter about the weekend’s escapades, that ubiquitous office messaging system known as Slack is now offering Domino’s Pizza fans the ability to order a pie, a press release said.

As of today, “Slackers” — as some users refer to themselves — can order pizza and other Domino’s delivery items for meetings, brainstorms or just a one-on-one with the boss.

Anyone on the software platform can organize and place a Domino’s group order by opening the Slack app directory and installing the Domino’s ordering app for their workspace. Team members can order directly with Slack message to Domino’s or put together a group order via a Slack channel.

“Collaboration on a big project can now carry over to collaborating on a team lunch order,” Domino’s SVP and Chief Digital Officer Dennis Maloney said in the release. “We love to make ordering as easy and convenient as possible and that includes ordering for the workplace. Now you can organize a group lunch with your coworkers down the hall, all from the comfort of your cubicle.”

App-equipped “Slackers” can also request coupons for 20 percent off their Slack order, an incentive that could make for very busy days at Domino’s outlets this week.


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