Pizza Hut Is Now Making Vegan Pies

Pizza Hut Is Now Making Vegan Pies

If the only thing stopping you from inhaling Pizza Hut is that it’s not vegan, you … no longer have that excuse. The U.K. arm of the chain announced today that a nondairy cheese will be joining its menu in two days, on November 29.

The Hut’s mozzarella facsimile of choice is a so-called “mmm vegalicious” product made by Violife, a Greek producer of vegan dairy alternatives that introduced its line of “Just Like Mature Cheddar,” “Just Like Smoked Provolone,” and other fakes cheeses in America earlier this year, too. Pizza Hut tested Violife on pies at five stores in southern England for about two months, with a warning that a wider rollout would hang entirely on customer demand. At least per Metro, that was subsequently “huge,” and now the company is offering the dairy-free option at all 262 of its British outlets. The small subset of American vegans who are also chain-pizza diehards will have to wait: Several smaller U.S. pie-makers (Pieology, Blaze, Mellow Mushroom) will serve you a vegan pizza and Domino’s does it in Israel, but this marks Pizza Hut’s first foray.

According to a company rep, Violife will cost an extra £1 per pie. Unless it’s on a kids’ pizza, in which case it’s free for some reason.


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